Data integrity

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Data sources

UTAs are sourced directly from the Branded Fare information that airlines file with ATPCO.


Data accuracy

UTAs are as accurate as what the airline has filed. Any change in fare filings will be reflected in your UTAs within 1 hour, and will be automatically updated across all sales channels.


Data elements

UTAs include the following data elements:

  • Brand names
  • Fare families (brand codes)
  • Industry and carrier defined sub codes
  • Standardized headlines and descriptions
  • Assessment metadata for comparison grids
  • Penalties and fees (in development)


Security restrictions

Some airlines restrict the distribution of branded fares and optional services information so that they are not available to all points of sale--which creates the same restrictions for UTAs. Should such a restriction prevent you from being able to consume an airline’s UTAs, Routehappy and ATPCO will work with you to ask the airline in question to lift those restrictions. However, we cannot guarantee that the airline to do so, in which case their UTAs will not be available to you.

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