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What are UPAs?

UPAs, or Universal Product Attributes, are rich content units which help bring to life the experience of a flight through the use of media and descriptive text. They incorporate your brand language and imagery, and are highly targeted so that the content is as specific to the flight being viewed by a shopper as possible.


UPA categories

A wide range of UPAs can be created to describe many aspects of the consumer’s experience with your product:

  • Flight (for airlines in our Starter tier and above): Aircraft, Seat, Meals, Beverages, Entertainment, Service
  • Standard (for airlines in our Pro tier and above): 25+ categories spanning all the flight categories above, as well as departure airport, arrival airport, connection airport and airline
  • Premium (for airlines in our Expert tier and above): All the categories above, plus custom, airline-defined and channel-specific categories, e.g. frequent flier mileage/points


UPA Targeting

The UPA Hub allows us to target UPAs very specifically so that you will, for example, see more about the type of coffee served on a morning flight than you will about the alcohol. Your content strategists help you target your content to make it hyper-relevant to flight shoppers, using a combination of focused criteria such as:

  • Time
  • Subfleet
  • Cabin
  • Route
  • Market
  • Persona
  • Fare
  • Etc.

This means that sales channels will be able to display UPAs that are hyper-relevant to the flights they are selling. For instance, the emphasis for a morning flight might be on the quality of coffee being served, whereas for an evening flight it might be on premium alcohol.


UPA 360

With UPA 360, airlines in a Starter tier and above have access to their UPAs on the UPA Hub at any time. Airlines in an Enterprise tier can see their own UPAs as well as those of their codeshare partners, with their codeshare partners approval. Being able to see each other’s UPAs is a great first step toward displaying UPAs together on codeshare flights.


How UPAs are integrated

UPAs are integrated through a call to our UPA API. The call needs to include origin and destination, date, flight number and cabin. More details can be found here.


Integration ideas for direct channels

You can use UPAs anywhere in your sales funnel, but we especially recommend integrating them into the following:

  • Cabin / class comparison pages
  • Flight details pages
  • Flight review pages
  • Confirmation or flight reminder emails


A few best practices

  • Use UPAs in conjunction with UTAs & Amenities for a more powerful merchandising approach. You can consult with Routehappy Agency on how to create the best synergies between the products.

  • Test, measure, refine. On your direct channels, you have a unique opportunity to see just how much you can increase conversion or help to manage customer expectations. We highly recommend you design iterative tests that allow you to get the greatest impact out of Routehappy rich content.

  • Have a “default on” approach to channel management. One of the great benefits of UPAs is that you can create or update your content once, and publish it everywhere, confident that your message will be consistent across every channel.
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