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With Routehappy Agency, you get the dedicated support of a Content Strategist who will learn your product and your brand and work closely with you to create UPAs that will truly differentiate your offerings in sales channels.


UPA creation objectives

  • Get to full coverage: we want to ensure you have at least 3 UPAs across 85% of your routes so that your content appears frequently across sales channels. And we’re always happy to shoot for higher than that too! 
  • Strive for maximum accuracy and relevance: we want the content to be up-to-date and specific to the flight a consumer is looking at. Our Content Strategists will pore over your properties and collateral to find out what meal is being served where, and they will work with our research team to find out when a subfleet has just been refurbished. 
  • Deliver outstanding quality: each UPA should be a true extension of your brand, reflecting your values, employing your voice, leveraging the best of your media.


UPA creation process

The initial UPA creation process generally takes 1-3 months depending on subfleet and brand complexity, media availability, and airline responsiveness. Key steps along the way are: 

  • Kickoff: in this meeting, we make sure everyone understands the goal of the project and what will be involved. Access to media library and other assets is requested
  • Research and onboarding: your Routehappy Content Strategist does a deep dive into your brand, product and markets
  • Review merchandising strategy and sample UPAs: your Content Strategist presents findings from research, along with recommended approach to merchandising your product, and sample UPAs for discussion. Our goal is to make sure we have asked all the right questions, and have captured the essence of your brand, before starting the UPA creation process in earnest
  • Create remaining UPAs: your Content Strategist creates the remaining UPAs, consulting with you along the way if necessary. The content is then QA’s by other members of the Routehappy team
  • Review and approve UPAs: your Content Strategist lets you know the content is ready for you to review, and adjusts the content, based on your feedback, until you are ready to approve
  • Publish: you give the go-ahead, and your Content Strategist publishes the content to agreed-upon channels
  • Translate: we generally publish the English language version before initiating the translation process. Translations are provided by the airline, and are usually added to a spreadsheet Routehappy creates for you, which Routehappy then uploads to the UPA Hub 


Content refresh cycles 

Routehappy Agency will make minor updates for all airline tiers to ensure the content remains accurate, but major refreshes--where all the content is reviewed, or new content is added for a refurbished subfleet, for instance--are reserved for airline customers that are in Pro and above subscription tiers.


Routehappy Agency’s additional services

Your Content Strategist, and Routehappy graphic designers, can also perform the following services for you, depending on which subscription tier you are in:

    Subscription tier
    Starter Pro Expert Enterprise
Merchandising strategy In-depth analysis of your product and branding, leading to strategic recommendations on where and how to focus merchandising efforts v v v v
Content assessment Review of your content in order to identify gaps that need to be filled as well as opportunities to improve the content. Particularly useful in advance of photoshoots   v v v
Graphics creation Creation of infographics for UPA topics where photography is either lacking or where it doesn't support the content well enough     v v
Photoshoot support On-site support from our content strategist, including last-minute reviews of shot lists, live recommendations on how to take pictures that support the specific needs of merchandising       v






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