UTA customization

Destin Sisemore -

UTAs are highly structured, objective data, governed by clear standards. However, our Enterprise customers do have the option to request some customization of the content.


Custom categories

Enterprise customers may ask Routehappy to create new UTA categories for them (e.g., mileage accrual). The only requirement for this is that the airline file the appropriate information on the desired new UTA category with ATPCO. In these cases, Routehappy will inform sales channels of the availability of the custom UTA categories so that they can determine how best to display the information.


Custom display text

Though the attributes used to create UTAs come directly from ATPCO and cannot be changed, there is some flexibility around what display text is used to describe those attributes. For instance, “Priority Boarding” could become “SkyPriority”. The significance of the attribute is unchanged, but the language can be adjusted, for instance, to reflect brand personality and more engagingly differentiate a fare from that of competitors’.

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