Data integrity

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Data sources

UTAs are sourced directly from the Branded Fare information airlines file with ATPCO. This means you can only have UTAs if you file Branded Fare information with ATPCO, and only for the categories for which you file.

If you have not yet filed Branded Fares with ATPCO, or have only filed a few of our UTA categories, the ATPCO team is ready to help you get to full coverage so you can get UTAs out into the market as quickly as possible. Learn more about working with ATPCO.


Data accuracy

UTAs are as accurate as what you, the airline, have filed. Any change in fare filings will be reflected in your UTAs within 1 hour, and will be automatically updated across all sales channels.


Data elements

UTAs include the following data elements:

  • Brand names
  • Fare families (brand codes)
  • Industry and carrier defined sub codes
  • Standardized headlines and descriptions
  • Assessment metadata for comparison grids
  • Penalties and fees (in development)
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