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The beverage amenity covers whether beverages of any sort are available onboard a given flight cabin. Available beverages are separated into nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages, as well as a determination of whether the alcoholic beverage is of a premium variety. If beverages are available, the type of beverage offered is determined, the cost evaluated, and the quality is assessed.

Available data elements

Attribute Value(s) Description
id e.g. 1 Unique numerical identifier
display_text e.g. “Alcohol & beverages available” Up to 30-character string (English). See character limits by language
quality n/a better standard An assessment of the type of beverage available
alcoholic_cost free free or paid paid n/a Whether there is a charge for alcoholic beverages
nonalcoholic_cost free free or paid paid n/a Whether there is a charge for nonalcoholic beverages
exists no yes n/a Whether beverages exist on the flight in the cabin
type alcoholic nonalcoholic premium alcoholic alcoholic and nonalcoholic n/a The type of beverage available
updated_at ISO 8601 formatted field e.g. 2015-11-04T09:20:22Z Indicates when the data element was last updated

Full set of values available via the amenities /beverages endpoint

Beverage type definitions

Type Description
alcoholic alcoholic nature, ranging from beer to wine to liquors
nonalcoholic Any drink that is of a nonalcoholic nature, ranging from water to fruit juices to soft drinks
premium alcoholic Alcoholic beverages available in a premium cabin that is are not available in lower classes of service and are a subjectively premium brand
alcohol and nonalcoholic Both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are available
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