Match rate and accuracy

Jaivin Anzalota -

Routehappy uses the OAG global flight schedule as an index for providing Scores & Amenities as well as UPAs & UTAs. Requests to our APIs require that valid flight segments are provided in order to accurately match data to a specific flight cabin. If our systems can not recognize a requested flight segment, we simply will not return data for the flight. Occurrences of unrecognized segments are logged and reported as the “Match Rate,” the goal of which is to ensure the accuracy of your integration, not to limit innovation.

Match Rate

Your Match Rate is a core indicator for how often users are seeing Scores & Amenities or UPAs & UTAs in your application or website. A low Match Rate should be looked at carefully and underlying drivers addressed. Scores & Amenities customers can view their current Match Rate via the daily activity email.

It is important to address the top drivers and regularly tune your integration as new issues emerge; ideally, all customers should strive for a Match Rate of 97%+.

Typical Reasons for Low Match Rate

  • “Rolled up” carrier codes: Some airlines use multiple IATA codes when filing their schedule. For example, DY operates under D8 for flights in/out of LGW. In these cases, send Routehappy the actual marketing carrier code, not the mainline IATA code.
  • Cabins: Routehappy matches cabins based on how the flights are filed in the global flight schedule, i.e. if a flight only has economy and first class, we will not return first if business is requested or vice versa. This is often an issue with carriers that only fly first or business (but not both) in a domestic market.


All Routehappy data should be presented as provided; however, exceptions can be granted on an as-requested basis. Please reach out to discuss your use cases. Our goal is to ensure that information is presented accurately, not to limit innovation.

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