Scores & Amenities API v3

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Routehappy has improved the Scores & Amenities API with some exciting new capabilities and enhancements. The updates are designed to speed up integration, saving you development time, while supporting a wider range of use cases. The new version of the API is now available for development.

What’s new

Simplified Flight Amenity display text

We’ve standardized the text we use to represent the various types of Flight Amenities to be more usable out of the box without further refinement. The new display_text attribute will replace name.


Flight Amenityv2 namev3 display_text
Entertainment In Seat (AVOD) $ On demand entertainment (fee)
Layout 1-2-1 More space 1-2-1 layout
Seat Roomier (33”) Above average legroom (33”)
Wi-Fi Good Wi-Fi Basic Wi-Fi


Streamlined Flight Amenity attributes

The available Flight Amenities attributes have been tailored and refined, making filtering easier and providing better support for the wide range of use cases you’ve requested.

Example (Entertainment)

v2 attributesv3 attributes
id id
name display_text
sentiment quality
cost cost
tablet, streaming, seatback, overhead delivery_medium
live_tv content_type
on_demand, loop selection_type
exists exists
- type
updated_at updated_at
description -
rollout -
research_complete -


Multilingual Flight Amenities

We’ve translated all user facing text values to a comprehensive set of languages to simplify rollout and maintenance for you. Version 3 of the Scores & Amenities API will include the ability to request Flight Amenity display_text, duration descriptor, and Flight Score word_score values in 24 languages.


Summarization of Flight Amenities

Flight amenity summarization makes it easy to describe what amenities are available at the leg (multi-segment trip) or itinerary (multiple legs) level. The legs and itineraries endpoints provide resource attributes that “rollup” segment level Flight Amenities in a simple, easy to understand format.


Pan Am BOS-JFK, JFK-DXB Seat “Above average legroom seat”

In the example above the leg Pan Am BOS-DXB via JFK is a 1 stop trip offering a different seat types on each segment, BOS-JFK is Above average legroom (32") and JFK-DXB is Above average legroom (34"). Since both seats are categorized as “Above average legroom” our business logic determines that this is the best summarization of the seat types. Of course, this is the simplest example and we deal with the cases of wide variability in seat type (and all other amenities) seamlessly. For Wi-Fi, Power, Entertainment, and Fresh Food, the API will also provide a simple exists = yes, partially, no so that users can quickly determine whether, for example, Wi-Fi is available across a multi-segment trip.


Improvements to Flight Scores

The scoring algorithm has been fine tuned to account for the evolving complexities of Flight Amenity data, including whether an amenity is free or paid, the general availability of an amenity in a market, e.g. Wi-Fi not available within Australia, and much more. The full Flight Scoring methodology will be publicly documented and available Q2 of 2016.

Deprecation of v2

Users of the Scores & Amenities API are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible to ensure that you are benefiting from the enhancements. The transition from v2 to v3 should be straightforward technically as the request / response structure is largely the same. The infrastructure underpinning v3 is unchanged from v2, so stability and response times will remain consistent. Retirement of API v2 is currently planned for Q3 2016. Your product specialist will be in touch to coordinate transition and timing.

Along with the retirement of v2, the current SDKs will no longer be supported after Q3 2016. Please get in touch if you are currently using any of the SDKs.

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