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Before creating UPAs or UTAs, you will first need to mobilize your team and identify your content sources. Once you’ve done this, the process is pretty straightforward and (if we do say so ourselves) fun.

UPA Process

  1. Identify your airline’s top product attributes, paying particular attention to the key differentiators that are unique to and special about your brand or product. These may include investments in your in-flight experience, terminal renovations, or your awesome new booking app. You might begin this process by going through the product pages on your website and recent press releases. Once you’ve picked out a few gems, start creating UPAs in the Hub. UPAs are initially saved as drafts, which can be edited or deleted before submitting to Routehappy. Finalize your UPAs by asking for feedback from colleagues and product experts in your organization — who knows what you might discover.

  2. Create or obtain icons that represent each product attribute. This is an opportunity to bring your airline’s identity front and center. A well-planned and well-executed set of icons will make your UPAs more memorable and easy to understand, driving higher click-through rates and better engagement.

  3. Add photos and videos to the Hub gallery and associate them with the appropriate UPAs. The Routehappy Hub links to videos posted on YouTube or Vimeo. You don’t need the actual video files or raw sources — all you need to do is identify the video embed code from those services

  4. Refine and review UPAs until they’re finalized. Submit UPAs to Routehappy once they are ready to go live. We’ll ensure the content gets targeted to the correct flights and published.

UTA Process

  1. Identify your airline’s fare brands, gathering details around differences between markets and special exceptions

  2. Define your fare types in Routehappy Hub, associating the fare brands with one or more cabins and RBD codes

  3. Methodically define the unique attributes by UTA category, tagging UTAs by cabin and fare type.

  4. Add any targeting rules governing the display of the UTA, publish or submit for approval (collaborators)

Be sure to validate the tagging and targeting applied to your UTAs using the “View by flight” display under the Filter view icon

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