Translate UPAs

Jaivin Anzalota -

Routehappy Hub now supports multilingual UPAs (up to 39 different languages). To translate an existing UPA, simply edit it then change the language using the language switcher (next to the UPA ID). A new set of translatable fields under Basics and Media will become available. Once all fields are manually translated you can submit or publish the UPA. You can view all translated UPAs by changing the language from the summary view. Any UPA not translated to the language in view will appear in the primary language.

Untranslated UPAs are displayed in the primary language in the summary view for ease of tracking which UPAs have not been translated. The Routehappy Hub API only returns UPAs matching the language requested, e.g. UPAs in English (en) are not retuned if French (fr) is requested.

Read the full translation article.

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