Partner access

Jaivin Anzalota -

You have complete control over which partners can access your UPAs and UTAs via the Routehappy Hub API. To activate or deactivate a partner, navigate to the Partners page under Settings (Super Users only). From the Partners page you can toggle a partner on or off to enable or disable access. Switching a partner “on” means that they can request your UPAs and UTAs via the Routehappy Hub API. Switching a partner “off” instantly revokes access.

Partner access off Partner access on
Partner switched “off” resulting in no access to your UPAs and UTAs Partner switched “on” resulting in access to all published UTAs and UPAs

Access control

You can control which UPAs and UTAs are shared by partner using the access configuration feature. To configure access, click the ellipsis “…” icon and select whether you’d like to grant access by category or by UPA and UTA. You can change the configuration at any time, instantly limiting or expanding access.

PCC restrictions

In addition to limiting access by partner, you can also restrict access to specific PCCs (pseudo city codes) by entering one or many PCCs separated by space or comma. Once entered, the restricted PCCs will not receive UPAs or UTAs when requests are made directly or via a platform such as a GDS. Removing a PCC, instantly enables access again.

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