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Lists are collections of airports, countries, origin and destinations, subfleets, or terminals (targeting “criteria”) you group together to associate with targeting rules. Lists contain one or multiple items and can be edited at any time. Adding or removing items from an existing list will modify the targeting of all UPAs and UTAs using that list. For example, if you were targeting a “Skis fly free” UPA to all flights arriving at ski locations across the U.S., you might create a list named “U.S. ski locations” containing the relevant airports. When used in conjunction with other lists and targeting rules, the “Skis fly free” UPA would appear only on relevant flights during the right time of year.

Targeting list builder

For your convenience, the available list content is scoped to the airports, countries, O&Ds, subfleets and terminals relevant to your airline. So, for example, airports that your airline doesn’t fly to will not appear in your lists.

Lists can be managed globally from the list management pages or created inline when authoring a UPA or UTA (Super Users only).

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