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Icons are used to visually represent a ticket or product attribute in a single graphic. The most effective icons are easy to identify and memorable at a small size. Routehappy recommends designing icons at actual pixel size to maximize legibility. It may take several iterations to come up with the perfect set of icons; however, a good set is essential to maximize the utility of your UPAs and UTAs. The graphic style of the icon should fit the visual language of the brand and work as part of a set.

Orange cocktail
Example UPA icon. Other graphic styles include line art, multicolored or monochrome icons, and cartoon illustrations.


Minimum size

84x84 pixels

Supported formats

  • JPG or JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG (transparent files are preferred)

File naming convention

Name files based on the category the icon represents. Naming icons using the category ID will allow the Hub to automatically associate the right icon with UPA or UTA being authored, making the process more efficient. Any secondary icons should be named using the category ID but appended with a sequence number, e.g. -1, -2, etc. Icons with names exactly matching the category ID will be used by default for new UPA and UTAs.

Replacing icons

At any point you can replace an existing icon from the gallery. Replacing an item will cause the new asset to become associated with the UPAs or UTAs the old one was linked to.

Deleting icons

Deleting an icon from the gallery disassociates it with all UPAs and UTAs it was previously linked to and removes it. Please delete with caution.


All icons are resized at upload and made available via the Hub API in different sizes. See the upa resource attribute of the Hub API segment units endpoint for details.

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