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Photos uploaded to the gallery are automatically resized for various uses. There is no need to resize photos before uploading them, but we recommend photos be at least 800x600 for best quality. For fastest uploads, aim for photo sizes between 800x600 and 2000x2000. Photos with dimensions under 350x350 will be rejected.


The Hub lets you upload multiple photos to the gallery at once from a local file directory. Once you’ve uploaded photos, you can rename and tag them with one or more categories and related metadata (such as aircraft subfleet, cabin or airport). Tagging photos allows for quick filtering when adding photos to UPAs.


Supported formats

  • JPG or JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG

Aspect ratio

The ideal photo form factor is in the aspect ratio of 3:2 or 4:3, with the subject matter centered. The two form factors for photos are square and “natural” (which respects the original). For the square form factor, the Hub first scales the image by the longest side and then crops into the center.

File naming convention

File names are displayed in the gallery and UPA media list as additional metadata, so it’s important you name files descriptively to make them easy to identify. Separating words in file names with spaces, hyphens or underscores is preferred over mixed case without spaces. The Hub will automatically transform the file names with spaces, hyphens and underscores into readable titles.

File name Display name in Hub
767BwPassenger.png 767BwPassenger
767_Business-Class_Sleeping-Passenger.png 767 Business Class Sleeping Passenger

While the specific naming convention is up to you, we recommend establishing a consistent convention that all team members can follow.

File names can be changed upon upload or after by selecting one or more photos in the gallery and clicking “Edit selected.”

Replacing photos

At any point you can replace a photo in the gallery. Replacing an item will cause it to become associated with the UPAs the old one was linked to.

Deleting Photos

Deleting a photo from the gallery disassociates it with all UPAs. Please delete with caution.


All photos are resized at upload and made available via the Hub API in different sizes. See the photo resource attribute of the Hub API legs endpoint for details.

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