Routehappy Hub Overview

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The Routehappy Hub is a tailor-made platform for airlines to manage and distribute their unique merchandising content, targeted down to individual flights. There are two organizational content types in the Hub: Universal Product Attribute (UPA) and Universal Ticket Attribute (UTA). UPAs describe all aspects of the tangible and intangible experience of a flight and UTAs describe the ticket attributes associated with a given fare type. The uses for UPAs and UTAs include integration into search results, digital advertising, distributor websites and much more. Simply create UPAs and UTAs then decide where the content should appear. You’re in full control. Sign in to get started.

How it works

Each UPA represents a single product attribute with descriptive text, an icon, photos, videos, virtual tours, and a link to more information. You can showcase your best brand and product attributes down to a single flight or across all flights. A UTA, is a specific attribute of a fare, e.g. ticket refundability, structured using standardized terms and your specific marketing language.

UPA (Seat) UTA (Cancellation)
Targeted by aircraft Targeted by fare type

Our API provides flexibility in accessing UPAs and UTAs on-demand, across a wide range of channels. Additionally, UPAs can be accessed via third-party integrations to make it easy to get the content where you want it. Learn more about integrating with the Routehappy Hub API.

What you’ll need

To jump-start the process, you’ll want a content lead to manage UPAs and UTAs, plus a team of content creators and collaborators.

Content lead

This should be a member of your product or marketing team who knows your product well. This person should know how to find media to represent your product attributes and (if applicable) who to consult for approvals. Over time, this person will become a specialist in using the Hub and will ensure your content is accurate, up-to-date and targeted correctly. Content leads should be designated as “Super Users,” giving them full access to Hub capabilities.


A writer who can bring your product attributes to life in words.


A designer to bring your product attributes to life with icons, graphics and photography.

Other collaborators

Team members who are given access to the Hub for content editing, comments, verification and approvals.

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