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The Layout amenity covers everything from classic layouts to the newest space-saving premium-cabin configurations. Scores for seating layout are determined by passenger comfort and typical configurations — with the general rule that the fewer seats across a cabin, the better the layout. For example, 3-3-3 on a Boeing 777 receives a higher score than a 3-4-3 layout. In premium cabins, new layouts that provide direct aisle access receive higher scores than similar layouts that don’t (e.g., 2-2-2 staggered versus 2-2-2 non-staggered).

Available data elements

Attribute Value(s) Description
id e.g. 1 Unique numerical identifier
display_text e.g. “2-3-2 seat layout” Up to 30-character string (English). See character limits by language
quality n/a better standard An assessment of the layout density
row_layout e.g. “2-3-2” The most prevalent configuration of seats in the cabin for the aircraft subfleet operated
direct_aisle_access n/a no yes Whether all seats in the configuration offer direct aisle access (premium cabins only)
type n/a forward middle seat free staggered forward-backward angled pods yin-yang herringbone staggered herringbone v-shaped reverse herringbone angled layered Orientation of seats
updated_at ISO 8601 formatted field e.g. 2015-11-04T09:20:22Z Indicates when the data element was last updated

Full set of values available via the amenities /layouts endpoint

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