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The Power amenity covers whether AC power outlets or USB ports are available by the subfleet and individual cabin. Power is tracked by:

  • Full rollout vs. partial rollout.
  • AC power: Is it available, or is an adapter necessary?
  • USB ports: Only option available, or available in addition to AC power?
  • Outlets: Available in all rows or only some rows?
  • Whether multiple power outlets exist at a single seat.

Available data elements

Attribute Value(s) Description
id e.g. 1 Unique numerical identifier
display_text e.g. “Power & USB outlets” Up to 30-character string (English). See character limits by language
quality n/a better standard An assessment of the power type available
cost free n/a paid Whether there is a charge to access the power outlets
distribution all n/a some Indicates whether power is provided in some or all rows
multiple_at_seat n/a no yes Indicates whether there are 2 or more USB ports or power outlets, or at least 1 of each
usb_port n/a no yes USB port is available
exists n/a no yes Power (110-volt AC outlet and/or USB port) exists in some or all rows
power_outlet n/a no yes 110-volt AC outlet is available
chance n/a no yes Indicates that the Power type is offered on some but not all of the aircraft in the subfleet scheduled to operate the flight. There is a chance that this Power type may not be available depending on the airline’s flight operations
type adapter n/a none power power/usb usb The type of power outlet available
updated_at ISO 8601 formatted field e.g. 2015-11-04T09:20:22Z Indicates when the data element was last updated

Full set of values available via the amenities /powers endpoint

Power type definitions

Type Description
none No power is available
adapter A special adapter is necessary to access power on this aircraft. It may be provided by the airline
power A power outlet is available
usb A USB port is available
power/usb A power outlet and USB port are available
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