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The food amenity covers whether food any sort of available on board each flight and flight cabin. Available food is separated into snacks and premium snacks, as well as light meals and full multi-course meals. If food is available, the type of food offered is determined, the cost is evaluated, and the need to pre-order before flight is assessed.

Available data elements

Attribute Value(s) Description
id e.g. 1 Unique numerical identifier
display_text e.g. “Premium dinner provided” Up to 30-character string (English). See character limits by language
quality n/a better standard An assessment of the type of food available
cost free paid n/a Whether there is a charge for food
exists no yes n/a Food exists on the flight in the cabin
type n/a snack premium snack light meal meal premium meal The type of food available
updated_at ISO 8601 formatted field e.g. 2015-11-04T09:20:22Z Indicates when the data element was last updated

Full set of values available via the amenities /fresh_foods endpoint

Food type definitions

Type Description
snack Small packaged items, such as potato chips/crisps, pretzels, or trail mix
premium snack Prepackaged, shelf-stable items of higher quality and quantity than snacks, such as tapas or meat and cheese plates
light meal Standalone perishable items such as sandwiches or wraps served in a smaller portion than a traditional meal
meal A fresh meal, consisting of perishable items with multiple items served, traditionally with multiple “courses”
premium meal A fresh meal, consisting of perishable, non-shelf-stable items, is served in a premium cabin
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