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Categories let you group UTAs and UPAs using semantically meaningful tags so it’s easy to associate and retrieve them by product offering, classification or any other method of organization. Categories are critical to creating a structured set of UTAs and UPAs.

For example: If you wanted to create UPAs about your new wide-body fleet, you might set up various UPAs highlighting features of the new aircrafts by cabin, route, time, etc. Then you would tag them with the category “Aircraft.” When used in conjunction with targeting rules, the Routehappy Hub API can return UTAs and UPAs about the specific aircraft features relevant to a search. Below is an illustration of UTAs and UPAs across multiple categories, displayed in the context of a specific fare type and cabin.

UTAs and UPAs integrated into fare listing

Standard categories

By default, every airline is set up with standard categories. These categories are the same across all subscribers, making it easy to share UTAs and UPAs with partners across a common structure.

UPA Categories


Name ID
Aircraft aircraft
Seat seat
Meals meals
Beverages beverages
Entertainment entertainment
Power power
Wi-Fi wi-fi
Service (inflight) service-inflight
Upgrade upgrade


Name ID
Transport to airport transport-to-airport
Check in check-in
Departure terminal departure-terminal
Departure lounge departure-lounge
Gate & boarding gate-boarding
Service (departure) service-departure


Name ID
Stopover stopover
Connecting ease connecting-ease
Connecting terminal connecting-terminal
Connecting lounge connecting-lounge
Service (connecting) service-connecting


Name ID
Baggage collection baggage-collection
Arrival terminal arrival-terminal
Arrival lounge arrival-lounge
Arrival transport arrival-transport
Service (arrival) service-arrival


Name ID
Schedule/route schedule-route
Loyalty program loyalty-program
Brand brand
Promotion promotion

UTA Categories


Name ID
Advance change advance-change
Cancellation cancellation
Same day change same-day-change


Name ID
Checked bag allowance checked-bag-allowance
Carry on allowance carry-on-allowance


Name ID
Seat selection seat-selection
Upgrade eligibility upgrade-eligibility


Name ID
Check in priority check-in-priority
Boarding priority boarding-priority
Lounge access lounge-access

Custom categories

You can set up custom categories (UPAs only) to map to frequent flyer tiers or other airline-specific attributes. There is no limit to the number of categories you can create. You can also tag UPAs with multiple custom categories, but note that some integrations may use only the first category assigned. We recommend that you use standard categories for all UTAs and UPAs unless an attribute truly falls outside their scope. Routehappy will occasionally add new categories as the need arises and make attempts to consolidate custom categories, if necessary.

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