360° virtual tours

Jaivin Anzalota -

In addition to using icons, photos and videos, you can now bring your UPAs to life using 360° virtual tours via Google Maps Street View. You can easily add tours to UPAs and integrate them via the Hub API using a provided template.

Read more about adding 360° virtual tours to the Hub.

Embedding 360° virtual tours from Google Maps

  1. Locate your virtual tour on Google Maps.

  2. Open the options menu from the map interface:
    Google Maps

  3. Select the “Share or embed image” option:
    Google Maps Menu

  4. Copy the Share link as shown below and add it to Hub Gallery > Tours “Share link” input:
    Share Link

  5. Copy the Embed image code as shown below, add it to the Hub Gallery > Tours “Embed image” input:
    Embed image

  6. Click “Add tour” in Hub.

Replacing Tours

At any point you can replace an existing 360° virtual tour from the gallery. Replacing an item will cause the new asset to become associated with the UPAs the old one was linked to.

Deleting Tours

Deleting a 360° virtual tour from the gallery disassociates it with all UPAs it was previously linked to and removes it. Please delete with caution.


360° virtual tours associated with UPAs are available via the Hub API. See the tour resource attribute of the Hub API legs endpoint for details.

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