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Adding media to UPAs lets flyers visualize your products in a more meaningful way than text alone. A well-produced set of videos will go far to influence and inform shoppers. This is your chance to bring your products to life, so be specific and thorough when gathering media.

Content guidelines


Photos and videos should be associated with the actual product the flyer will experience. For example, a UPA about your renovated lounge at London Heathrow should contain photos of that specific lounge. UPAs give you an unprecedented level of targeting, there is no need to settle for generic or stock photos anymore. Be as specific and relevant as you can to delight flyers with photos, videos and 360° virtual tours of the experience they will have.


Captions are automatically copied from the basic UPA caption. However, you can overwrite them to describe the displayed photo or video. We recommend writing detailed, descriptive captions to draw the reader deeper into the content and showcase your offerings.

Media display order

Since videos and photos tell the story of your product in pictures, consider the display order of the media. Is the close-up shot of your new IFE system more impactful before or after the sweeping view of the cabin interior? You can reorder photos or videos by dragging them up or down on the page. The ordering will be reflected in the photo and video sort order returned by our API and in the media window (the optional carousel pictured below).

Media Window
Optional media window carousel available via API or select third-party integrations.

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