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The Aircraft type/quality amenity covers helicopters to the newest wide-body jets. Aircraft with above-average amenities, such as higher cabin pressure, higher humidity and larger windows, are viewed as more favorable than those without these amenities.

Available data elements

Attribute Value(s) Description
id e.g. 1 Unique numerical identifier
display_text e.g. “A320 (narrowbody)” Up to 30-character string (English) See character limits by language
quality n/a better standard An assessment of the aircraft cabin_pressure and window_size
type bus helicopter jumbo larger regional jet n/a narrowbody smaller regional jet train turbo/prop widebody The type/size of equipment operated (note: bus and train are available for codeshare land connections)
cabin_pressure n/a normal enhanced unpressurized An assessment of the aircraft’s cabin pressure
window_size n/a standard larger smaller An assessment of the aircraft’s window size
updated_at ISO 8601 formatted field e.g. 2015-11-04T09:20:22Z Indicates when the data element was last updated

Full set of values available via the amenities /aircrafts endpoint

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