Usage dashboard

Jaivin Anzalota -

You can see which distributors are accessing your UPAs via the Routehappy Hub usage dashboard. The dashboard provides an overview and details by channel (super users only) for the date range defined. All metrics are based on queries made to the Hub API, updated daily for the previous day.

Overview metrics

Metric Definition
UPAs delivered The number of UPAs sent to channels via the Routehappy Hub API
Queries The number of requests to the Routehappy Hub API which include one or more of your flights. A single query can have many flights, typically synonymous with a flight search
Channels The number of distribution channels requesting your UPAs

Channel metrics (super users only)

Metric Definition
UPAs delivered by cabin Percentage of UPAs delivered by cabin (Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First)
Top 10 O&Ds Top 10 most requested origin & destinations with a link to view the search on
Photo impressions Photos ranked by most viewed to least with impression counts
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