Sub codes

Jaivin Anzalota -

A UPA or UTA can be tagged with a single ATPCO Optional Services Industry Sub Code in order to tag it with a related optional service. The associated sub code, group, and sub group attributes are used in integrations to map UPAs and UTAs with the optional services being sold.

For example, a UPA marketing an extra legroom seat might be priced as sub code 05Z (commercial name “PREMIUM SEAT”) across various points of sale. The sub code can be used in the integration to ensure that the correct UPA is displayed.

###Selecting a sub code
Depending on the category of the UPA or UTA created, the available sub codes are filtered based on a predetermined mapping between the ATPCO Optional Services Industry Sub Codes and Routehappy standard categories. At any point the typeahead filter can be cleared out to view the complete set of sub codes.

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